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3V is committed to empower young budding dancers,who dream to set a benchmark in their respective dance styles.
We strongly believe that when you chase the vision, success ends up chasing you.We encourage students to grow through creative techniques and expressions of dance.We are working on a vision to engage more than thousand students in a year in our classes and to push the boundaries of restrictions towards freedom. Here,at 3V we value talent regardless of their background. We are working on building a generation which can stand out and can make a difference. Our vision is determined through the moves of our dancers. Along with our instructors who are skilled at recognising hidden talents, we are working on bringing real dancers and appreciating them through making them achieve something remarkable. Dance is something that keeps you alive and you can come back to it during all phases of life.

icon zumba
Zumba / Aerobics

Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. And it is our intention that we should tell you the easiest way and master you.

icon yoga

yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. we provide a systematic way of learning and teaching so let's walk together in this spiritual process

icon kickboxing

B-boying:- known to many simply as break dancing ,although b boying has a define format, the beauty of this sport lies in the fact that there are really no rules that define what can be call B-boying. we introduce a perfect b boying techinic that you can be master in it.

icon corporate fitness
Corporate Fitness

It is any program designed to encourage healthier lifestyle choices for your workplace and improve productivity and grow positive morale. In our 3v dance era you will live in a good environment so that your physical and mental development will increase day by day.

dance about us

# 3V Dance Era Studio.

3V Dance Era is the Great studio for adults and kids alike. Good selection of different styles of dance, and opportunity to do production company or competitive dance.
3V dance Era studio is a great way to learn many different types of dance. Unlike learn hip-hop, lyrical, urban, robot, classical, Bollywood and Beat boxing too.
What truly stands out is the support in the office. For a studio which handles as many classes as it does, I am treated well by the office staff when I have a question or a misunderstanding. They always take care of any issues very quickly. Iā€™d like to commend Saurav and Rohit. They responded to me quickly to resolve my issues.
In summary, 3V Dance Era studio really wants the dancers to learn and enjoy dancing.

dance classical

Classical Dance

Welcome to the world of devotion
Welcome to the world of classical dances!
In your day-to-day life, you feel number of emotions,such as anger, sorrow, dejection,joy, love, elation and many more; Indian classical dances helps you to set free these emotions. While performing various roles with full devotion, you start creating an understanding with your mind and body and eventually with all your emotions. Classical dances help you in becoming more patient and disciplined in this modern era which helps you in dealing with life. As known, classical dances has evolved from temples and hence are the best way to express your devotion and dedication towards your culture. The best reward you get by devoting yourself to Classical Dance forms is that you can easily grasp any other style. It makes you a good and flexible learner and bring flow along with grace in your body.
Who you are is reflected in your moves,give your moves a classical beat.

dance kid

Kid Dance

Why kids should learn to dance? One of the most frequently asked question. Best-suited reply to this is that Dance helps children in learning the value of teamwork and helps in improving their social skills. Along with creativity,it also takes care of children's physical fitness. At 3V,we help children in developing their self-esteem and also to deal with their stage fright. Through dance, we help children in interacting with people around which automatically results in improving their communication skills.
Dance teaches the lesson of hardwork and patience. It projects that how one can reach from beginner to advanced through continuous practice and Hardwork.
If you want to put a spark in your child's creativity, Enroll Now at 3V Dance Era!

dance ballet

Ballet Classes

Wanna be a Ballet Dancer then you are on the right page.
Let Ballet be the fragrance of your life!
In this fast growing world of technology, everything moves fast forward. Then why not your dreams? Give your pointless life,a point with Ballet.
Why ballet? It is most common question one has when they have to choose among number of dance form. The answer to this is very simple as ballet isn't everybody's cup of tea and if you learn then all dance styles are your cup of tea for sure.
Ballet have it's presence in every dance style of dance whether we believe it or not. The more one devotes themselves to ballet, the more they make way towards other style of dance. It helps you to get a move on midst of this competitive world. Being a ballerina requires lot of hardwork but the results are worth it.

dance lyrical

Lyrical Dance

Wanna go with the trend!
What is lyrical dance? Why it's so popular?
Lyrical dance is a great dance style as it gives plenty of space for self-expression and has more individual approach than some dance styles.Basically lyrical is a mix of ballet and jazz dance styles. It uses music with lyrics to encourage the moves of the dancer. Dancers use the lyrics from the song to portray the emotion and story of the song or of a topic.
There is no specific music in this dance style. Plenty of musics are used for lyrical dance some of these are pop, rock hip-hop and music across the world. Sometimes, dancers choreograph dance on dialogues to convey special message to the audience. It's requires less physical strength than other dance styles and concentrates on exact dance moves. In recent times, this dance form has grown popular among learners and those who are exploring their dance.

dance hip hop

Hip Hop

Wanna encourage your child's creativity and expression. Make him learn HIP-HOP.
Hip-hop dance mainly represents street dance styles which is performed to hip-hop music. This dance form has evolved as part of hip-hop culture and is very popular in today's generation. It consists of variety of styles which was created in the 1970s and was made popular in United States by dance crews. The difference in HIP-HOP and other styles is that it incorporates the elements of different dance styles. Some of these are locking ,popping,jazz, ballet and so on. In today's world it is emerging as a medium to earn a living by dancing professionally. Best-suited dance form for those who just want music move.

dance urban

Urban Dance

If interested in learning mixture of styles,try Urban Dance style.
A new style for new generation.
Urban Dance style is has evolved from Hip-hop roots. Some concepts of urban dance were inspired from Hio-Hop. Urban dance is mainly based on Choreographers definition of the music. Urban dance is all about performing pieces and choreographing. It's an evolved style and has no rules like other dance styles. It consists of several moves of Crumping, urban jazz dance, stepping, hip hop, even tap. Through this style one learns the hidden language of soul and body. It concentrates more on dancing with heart and mind. Through choreography dancers project what their mind believes.

dance bollywood

Bollywood Dance

It's time to learn Bollywood wala dance!
This dance form is based on Indian Hindi Films. The dance style has a separate popularity. Not only in India its popular all over the world. This dance form requires head, neck and full body movement.India's energetic and mesmerizing dance forms merged with different dance forms across the world and are used in Indian Films. These combined forms are known as Bollywood Dance Style. At current the dance form includes the elements of Indian classical dance, and numerous other dance forms. This style is a must-learn dance style as it covers all special occasion and is a source of entertainment.

dance jazz funk

Jazz Funk

It's time to add fun to your expressive moves!
Jazz Funk is also known as Street Jazz.
It can be termed as a fusion of styles as it borrows several movements from ballet-modern-hip hop- to lyrical and converts it into groovy and funky style that is funny along with being expressive.comes from jazz funk fusion music. It comes from combination of jazz music and funk music. The movement and techniques make it a soulful dance style.Foundational movements of Jazz funk dance are isolations,flexibility syncopation (off beat), pirouettes, rolled shoulders, jazz hands. It helps you on learning knockout moves and in being a fierce dance warrior. It's one of the successful dance style worldwide. Enrolling in jazz funk style gives you health benefits too.

dance robot

Robot Dance

Wanna make your moves robotic!
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The robot, also known as mannequin, is one of the most fascinating and admirable street dance style. This dance form is often mistaken as popping by people around. Robot dance creates an optical illusion with it's techniques and movements to resemble a dancing robot or mannequin. Michael Jackson is the name behind the fame of this dance form. The movements in this dance form begin and end with a very abrupt stop,which attempts to project the motor or engine starting and stopping. It can be termed as subsection of popping as, poppers include this dance form in their routine.
If you also wanna be master in this dance form join us now. Gear up to give your techniques a robotic start.

dance break dance

Break Dance

In this world full of variations Break dance is one of the most energetic and amazing dance form.
Break dancing is an athletic form of street dance. Also know as breaking and B-boying, this energetic form of dance,was originated in New York and is mainly about four kinds of movement: toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes. Today's modern world has allowed wider varieties of music in breakdancing. Earlier there was drum breaks, especially in hip-hop, funk, soul music and breakbeat music. A learner of this dance is called B-boy ,B-girl or breakdancer. This dance form depicts the rough lives of the city streets. This dance form is best suited to those who wanna learn a dance style of energy, movement, creativity & humour.

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